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Regional Studies

The aim of the course is to portray the non-European Regions from a complexperspective. The main idea behind the course is to analyse the main regions of the World from apolitical and economic perspective. The aim of the course is to enlarge our knowledge on thenon-European world territories using the interdisciplinary tools of IR. It is a continuation of theComparative History of Civilizations from a more contemporary perspective. The course leaderinvited experts on the different Areas. We focus on mainly foreign policy issues using acomprehensive approach and focusing on mainly the post-1989 developments of world regions.

2018/2019 tanév, II. szemeszter

Code of the course:7NK40NBKA8B
Lectures per week:Lecture (2x90 minutes)
Az oktatás nyelve:English
A tantárgy típusa:
Time:Thursday 15:30-18:50
Place:C. 103.


dr. Csicsmann László»
Instructor:Búr Gábor
dr. Lehoczki Bernadett»

dr. Matura Tamás»

Szalai Máté»

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Regional Studies exam viewing on 20th May, Monday, 9.15-10.00 AM in C507.

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